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Top Attorneys For Casino Accidents In Metairie And Baton Rouge

Having legalized gambling, New Orleans now boasts five casinos on land and plays host to one riverboat casino (Baton Rouge has two). If you fell at the casino or were otherwise injured there, our lawyers will be attentive to your needs, build a solid case through independent investigation and work hand-in-hand with you throughout the legal process.

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The Special Perils Of Casino Patronage

Terrestrial and riverboat casinos alike present heightened opportunities for injury to persons invited onto the premises, for several reasons:

  • People go to casinos to gamble. Frequently, they drink. Both activities tend to distract casino customers from potential hazards.
  • Many casino patrons are elderly. They may have vision or other problems, or may be handicapped. Such conditions may make you less able to recognize or avoid potential hazards.

These heightened opportunities for injury mean that casinos have a heightened duty to make their premises safe, especially for their elderly clientele. And yet, all too frequently they fail to follow proper protocols with their staff, leading to unacceptable lapses such as:

  • Leaving obstacles in the path of exits
  • Leaving debris on the floor
  • Failing to put out safety cones or rope off areas such as wet floors

Schwartz Law Firm — Finding The Best Way To Pursue Compensation

For obvious reasons, casinos are exceptionally well-equipped with security cameras. This means that virtually any injury suffered in a casino should be caught on tape. When an individual injured in a casino comes to us, our first order of business is to obtain the tape through discovery. Once the tape discloses what happened, we will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

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If you have been injured in a casino, our attorneys will take it on to fight for all of the compensation for your harms and losses to which you are entitled. Contact Schwartz Law Firm LLC online, or call 504-266-0253 to set up a free initial consultation.