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Injured On Someone Else's Property? Let's Talk Premises Liability

Perhaps no injury is more common than a slip-and-fall injury, but these cases are not always straightforward. If you have suffered an injury on another's property, the highly experienced personal injury attorneys at Schwartz Law Firm LLC can fight for the compensation you are entitled to.

Please contact our premises liability lawyers in Metairie or Baton Rouge. We are available at 504-266-0253 or toll free at 800-711-9366 to discuss your situation and help you understand our full spectrum of services.

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Obligations To Take Reasonable Care

The problem with a slip-and-fall case can be determining who is liable. You have a duty to look out for yourself that extends to avoiding manifest defects or dangers. If a reasonable person would not step into an open manhole marked with warning signs, you cannot expect to recover damages for your broken bones if you do.

If the manhole is not signed, it is a different story. The owner of business premises — such as a grocery, a restaurant or a casino — invites people to come on to those premises to spend money shopping, eating, gambling or whatever the business may be. As an invitee, you are entitled to a safe place to conduct your business.

The property owner has an obligation to ensure that the property conforms to building code standards, as well as state guidelines about how buildings can be designed and traversed. The owner also has an obligation to provide proper security, to maintain the premises and not to ignore obvious hazards.

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If you have sustained a severe injury on another's property, the New Orleans premises liability lawyers of Schwartz Law Firm can help you obtain all the compensation to which you are entitled for your harms and losses.

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