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Product Liability Injury? We Can Fight For Your Best Possible Recovery.

In Louisiana, thousands of people are injured by defective or dangerous products every year. The legislature has enacted the Louisiana Products Liability Act (the Act) to protect consumers. It sets forth guidelines about how products are to be designed and used, and what sorts of warning labels are to be placed on them and where.

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Injuries From Dangerous Or Defective Products Still Occur

Despite the protections afforded by the Act, people still get injured. Products may have no warning label, or the danger they pose may not be foreseen. Some products may be unreasonably dangerous in a particular context (e.g., weapons and adult medications should be kept away from children).

If you have been injured by a defective or dangerous product, it is important to consult skilled Baton Rouge personal injury attorneys such as those of Schwartz Law Firm LLC. We have a solid track record of experience in product liability cases, including recoveries running into the millions of dollars.

How We Fight For Justice In Product Liability Cases

Product liability cases can be quite complex. Whether a product is unsafe or whether a warning was reasonable under the circumstances can depend on technical scientific information. This allows defense counsel to try to skew the story in the defendants' favor.

Schwartz Law Firm's attorneys are practiced in simplifying complex stories and bringing out our clients' side. We have developed simple processes for proving known defects and failures to warn. With a clear narrative for the jury to follow, it is much easier to prevent defendants from confusing the issue.

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