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Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits From Your Workers' Compensation

Once you have completed or are nearing the end of your prescribed medical treatment from a workers' compensation doctor, you will be able to begin vocational rehabilitation for the job that you and your doctor have agreed you can handle. It is important that you accept your employer's offer for this job training program or you may forfeit lost wage and medical expense benefits.

At Schwartz Law Firm LLC, we will help you determine what job you may be capable of and willing to perform when you are ready to return to work. In many cases, workers who have suffered serious injuries take on light-duty work or office work, rather than the job role in which they suffered their work injury.

What Is Vocational Rehabilitation?

Vocational rehabilitation isn't necessarily physical rehabilitation. You will likely have already undergone that as part of your medical treatment. Vocational rehabilitation is job training that will help you transition into a different role with your employer.

You may have to go through an extensive training program or enroll in courses at a vocational school or college. Such training can be expensive, so it is important that you take advantage of the opportunities this benefit can provide if you want to continue your career with your employer.

Performing Light-Duty And Restricted Work

As part of workers' compensation, your lost wage benefit will cover some of the difference between your prior pay and the pay of your new job, if it is a lower wage job. If your work must be restricted due to your disability rating from your doctor, our attorneys can help you communicate your work restrictions to your employer and ensure that you are not placed in a position that will hinder or prolong your recovery.

It is certainly possible that you will be able to return to the same work you once did, and if so, we want to help you get there. Taking the proper medical and legal steps is vital in that process.

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