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The Top 10 Safety Violations Cited By OSHA

We've made progress, but we can do better.
Work-related deaths and injuries in the U.S. are about one-third of what they were in 1970, thanks largely to OSHA and state safety programs. Despite great progress, an average of 13 American workers still die on the job every day and hundreds more suffer disabling injuries. So many of these accidents are completely preventable.

Can I sue my employer instead of filing a workers' comp claim?

Only in rare circumstances. In most cases, a Louisiana employee cannot bring a lawsuit against a co-worker, supervisor, the owner or the company itself. This is the trade-off of workers' compensation.EyeInjury(2).jpg

I may be to blame for my work injury. Can I still get workers' comp?

The whole purpose of workers' compensation in Louisiana is to help injured workers get the medical care and benefits they need, regardless of fault. Generally, this means that you may be entitled to workers' comp benefits even if your carelessness or negligence led to, or contributed to, your work-related injuries. In fact, nowhere in Louisiana's Workers' Compensation Act does it mention an exclusion for careless workers.