There are many nuanced laws that lawyer need to know when handling an auto case. The policy limits, exclusions, overlapping coverage are a few issues that come up all the time. Lawyers also need a good investigator who can find out about other policies that may be our there that can change the value of the case. 

St. James Parish Workers Comp

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The residents of St. James Parish need to know about functional capacity evaluations when they're involved in a workers' compensation accident. If you are involved in a serious worker's compensation accident that will result in permanent restrictions, a functional capacities evaluation will n...

St. Charles Parish Auto Cases

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Speaker 1: St. Charles Parish residents often experience unsafe conditions on the road when driving. Many times people do not know when they make a right turn. They must turn in the closest turn lane and not move over the line if there are two or more lanes to turn into. The drivers on the m...

St. Charles Parish Workers Comp

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Speaker 1: The citizens of St. Charles Parish need to know many things about a workers' compensation case. One of the most important things is when you get a compensation rate, you need to establish what the average weekly wage is. Workers' compensation normally pays 66 2/3% of your average wee...

How to Drive Safely Around 18 Wheelers

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It's natural to have that anxious feeling when you find yourself next to a tractor-trailer truck on the highway. In fact, in 2019, more than four thousand people died in large truck-related car accidents. This is an unfortunate new high, up about 30 percent since a decade ago.  Unfortunately, mos...

What Qualifies As a Wrongful Death?

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It's difficult enough to process the death of a loved one. It's an even harder pill to swallow if someone else's negligence and misconduct caused the death. You also have to deal with the costs of arranging a funeral and burial on top of the financial and emotional hole that the deceased will lea...

Press Release

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Schwartz Law Firm LLC Has Been Nominated and Accepted as Two Year AIOLC's 10 Best Workers' Compensation Law Firm in Louisiana For Client Satisfaction The American Institute Of Legal Counsel has recognized the exceptional performance of Louisiana's Workers' Compensation Law Firm, Schwartz Law Firm...

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