Car Accidents While on the Job: What to Know About Third Party Liability Claims

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There's no questioning the convenience of a car.  Since the time they were first introduced over a century ago, people have been looking for ways to increase speed and comfort while driving, making safer and more reliable cars. Unfortunately, while technology has come a long way, car accidents are still something that occurs far too often. Recent statistics indicate that more than 37,000 people die each year in the United States in car accidents.

Car accidents can occur anytime or anyplace, whether you are driving on the Interstate while on vacation or in the parking lot of the local grocery store. Some motor vehicle accidents involve drivers who are working when the accident occurs. The laws vary from state to state regarding how civil liability claims work.  So how is a third party liability claim handled if you have had a car accident while working?

Third Party Liability Claims

Automobile accidents are a major hassle, even if you are fortunate enough to have suffered only minor injuries. If you were working at the time of the car accident things can get even more complicated as there is a third party involved. If the car accident occurs while you are working, Worker Compensation laws and laws related to third party liability claims will come into play. These state, not federal laws, so they are different depending what state you live in and where the accident happened.

Filing A Third Party Liability Claim

In Louisiana, like most states, the worker compensation system is designed to compensate the injured worker for their medical bills and for at least some of their lost wages that are the result of the work-related injury. Employees who sustain injuries from car accidents on the lob are usually covered under those laws. Depending on the circumstances, laws related to third party liability claims may also be relevant. If you have been injured in a work-related car accident, it is time to contact a personal injury attorney at Schwartz Law.

Third Party Liability Insurance Claims

As noted above, laws covering third party liability insurance claims may provide coverage for damages beyond what is provided to the injured worker under the state's Worker Compensation laws. Louisiana follows what is referred to as a “fault” system in regards to motor vehicle accident liability. The injured worker may be able to go after the at-fault driver and his insurance company to get compensated for the losses he suffered that were not covered under Worker Compensation.

Civil Liability Claims in Louisiana

As noted above, both worker compensation laws and motor vehicle accident laws vary from state to state. In Louisiana, the law has established a fault car insurance system. The state has time frames for pursuing civil liability claims, including third party liability insurance claims so you should not delay in seeking the proper legal representation.
Car accidents on the job clearly give rise to some complex legal issues that require the help of a skilled attorney. After seeking the proper medical care, consult the Worker Compensation experts at Schwartz Law. With three lawyers in the house and over 21 years experience, we will get you the help you need with any work injuries, personal injury claims or motor vehicle accidents. Contact us at 504-837-2263 or visit us in person at any time from 9  to 5, Monday through Friday.

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