Plant And Refinery Worker Injuries

Job Injuries Can End Careers For Plant And Refinery Workers

I Workers Compensation

Take Action To Protect Your Legal Rights And Financial Future

It is crucial to assert your workers’ compensation rights at the first opportunity. You will be throwing away your rights if you try to work through your injury. It doesn’t pay to be a tough guy or to think that a sprain or strain will heal by itself. You need to take the proper legal steps to be able to recover, provide for your family and continue to have a fruitful career.

Our law firm has represented many refinery workers and industrial plant employees in New Orleans and statewide. We are familiar with the working conditions and typical injuries in those jobs, and the problems that arise in worker’s comp claims. We are available 24/7, with offices in Baton Rouge and Metairie.

There are strict time limits for filing workers’ compensation claims. Speak with one of our lawyers today at 504-266-0253 or 800-711-9366.

Get Treatment And Get Legal Help

First of all, get medical treatment — from a doctor of your choice, not your employer’s preferred physicians — and then get skilled and dedicated legal representation from our lawyers at Schwartz Law Firm LLC.

We can help you recover lost wages and medical expenses while seeking compensation for your full past, present and future damages and losses related to your injury. Our attorneys have over 25 years of combined experience maximizing recoveries for injured workers. This includes engineers, pump system operators and gaugers, pipefitters and welders, boilermakers, mechanics, and other oil refinery, chemical plant, power plant and other industrial plant employees across southern Louisiana.

Asserting Your Rights At The Time Of Your Injury

If you are injured at your job, don’t be pushed around by your supervisors. Make sure that you get written documentation of the incident — accident reports, witness statements, records of the date, time and manner of the injury — and report it to your supervisor.

Be prepared to stick to your guns. Employers have to follow federal safety regulations, but safety managers have been known to cover things up. Your employer might try to sweep your injury under the rug by claiming that they were never informed of the accident — or by questioning whether you were hurt on the job.

Our experienced attorneys can speak to witnesses and find out what really happened. We will collaborate with medical experts and other professionals to establish the full and fair value of your claim. We will fight for you if you were injured in an industrial plant or oil refinery accident.

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