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Get full compensation for your car accident with experienced personal injury lawyers in Metairie and Baton Rouge. If you have been recently injured in a motor vehicle accident, it is important that you seek treatment and consult a car accident lawyer as early as you possibly can.

The last thing you want to do is wait months without seeking legal advice that will only benefit you in both the short and long run. As well as this, talking to the insurance adjuster or agreeing to a settlement without legitimate legal counsel could cost you thousands of dollars in compensation, and it wastes time that you could be spending getting the help and compensation you need.

Schwartz Law Firm LLC stands up to corrupt insurance companies to demand fair value for your injuries and losses so you don't have to. Why potentially settle for less money than you deserve on top of not being aware of the many legal options you are eligible for? We have obtained verdicts and settlements for crash victims in southern Louisiana as well as statewide. There is nothing a Schwartz Law car accident lawyer will not do for your best benefit in the case of a motor vehicle accident. The dedicated and experienced personal injury lawyers at Schwartz Law Firm LLC know what your car accident is worth, and we will fight tirelessly for you. No case is too large or too inconvenient for us.

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How We Pursue Damages for Your Loss in a Vehicle Accident

In order to get full compensation for your harms and losses from a car accident, it is absolutely imperative that you work with competent and experienced lawyers who are practiced in dealing with insurance claims.

Having a medical report at an early stage isn't just important, it is critical. Since the insurance companies go by what a doctor says — not by what you say — you need your own doctor's report in place.

Make sure to get checked by your primary care provider (PCP) as soon as possible after you are in a car accident. Our wealth of experience with police reports, insurance companies and adjusters enables us to negotiate for you from a position of strength.

It is always preferable to resolve a case through negotiation, but if this course fails, we have no hesitation to fight long and hard for you in court. A car accident lawyer at Schwartz Law Firm LLC will make sure there are completely open lines of communications with our clients for their questions, comments and concerns.

We know what you are going through, and we will always be there every step of the way. We have successfully assisted many clients in every scenario of a motor vehicle accident one could possibly imagine. Among these scenarios include:

  • Auto collisions
  • Truck accidents (commercial vehicles)
  • Pedestrian/bicycle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Accidents caused by drunk drivers
  • Texting while driving accidents
  • Victims of hit-and-run accidents
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist claims
  • Vehicle accidents on the job
  • Auto defect lawsuits

No size or extent of a motor vehicle accident or personal injury is too tedious or large for your trusted car accident lawyers at Schwartz Law Firm LLC. Our job is to make sure you are receiving the must-needed coverage you deserve in any predicament you may find yourself in.

Like we mentioned before, you never want to go about handling a post-car accident case on your own – we have your back, and we have the experience to prove our loyalty.

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Importance of Utilizing an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

Whether you are involved in a car accident where vehicles have been totaled, or if you were merely rear-ended, you always want to affirm you are getting the accurate representation and help you need in order to be successful. Insurance companies will never be 100 percent on your side if a car accident case arises. Despite them being seemingly willing to offer you compensation, you will always be jipped of the true amount of compensation you can receive, and that's a fact. Never accept a settlement you don't deserve, and don't ever try to go about this without an experienced and revered car accident attorney – that's where Schwartz Law Firm LLC comes in the picture. Not only will we help you reclaim your finances, but we will make sure that we do everything in our power to get you the personal injury settlement you ultimately deserve.

Striving to potentially obtain additional assistance for future expenses that are caused from being injured in your accident?

We will fight for you no matter what. Our team of car accident lawyers is aware that there are many car accident cases that involve reckless driving or negligence on the road, but even despite the negative light of those situations, we will work in your favor regardless of what the case you have been involved with may be.

Our expert attorneys are proficient and knowledgeable in knowing how to identify all possible sources of compensation. We will also pursue recovery for you under uninsured motorist and umbrella policies. If the driver was an employee acting in the course of business, we will seek recovery from the employer on the theory of vicarious liability. If alcohol was involved, we will seek recovery from the bar or other establishment that served it to the driver. On top of these as well, we will make sure to seek to recover for your pain and suffering from your personal injury as a major element of your damages. Insurance companies are legally obliged to try to settle such claims, so you need skilled counsel to deal with them to get compensation for serious injuries.

It doesn't matter how much time it takes, Schwartz Law makes sure that the compensation you receive will be worthy of your car accident injuries and that your situation is not taken advantage of. Our experience matters most in car accidents involving severe or permanent injuries, severe lacerations or scarring, brain damage, nerve damage, spinal cord injury (including paralysis), broken bones, loss of limb, or sensory impairment. As we mentioned before – hit us with your biggest issue, and we will work everything out for you. Nothing is too big of an issue for us. We work day and night with car accident victims and their families, as well as doctors and other professionals, to detail all the damages from your accident. No detail or dent goes unnoticed under the careful watch of our eyes.

We are meticulous, careful and hardworking for you. In negotiations and as well as in court, the insurers and defense firms know that Schwartz Law Firm LLC will not, and never will “settle for less.”

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We Can Get Started On Your Case Today

Even minor injuries suffered in a car or truck accident need to be taken seriously. They should be treated immediately, and you should seek a car accident lawyer who will fight aggressively to recover maximum compensation.

Not only will Schwartz Law never settle for less, but you can be rest assured we will make sure that you never settle for less, either. Any and all questions you may have during this process, we will provide the answers to. Schwartz Law Firm LLC has offices in both Baton Rouge and Metairie. Contact our car accident lawyers online or call us at 504-837-2263 to set up a free initial consultation.

You pay nothing unless we win a recovery for you. With over 25 years of combined experience in our law firm, make sure to put your trust in Schwartz's experienced personal injury and car accident lawyers who want nothing more than to see you succeed in court.

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