St. John Parish Workers' Comp.

The residents of St. John Parish need to know many things about workers' compensation claims. One thing that comes up quite often is when an employer doesn't want a claim to affect their safety record. Many times employers are pressured by plants and refineries to have a zero accident claim record. Unfortunately, this is impossible in the real world. Accidents happen randomly in a split second, and sometimes they can't be avoided.

Additionally, humans are humans, and mistakes will happen no matter how safe a company is or how much training employees get on safety. Usually the supervisor will take you to a company doctor and will minimize the injuries like a serious back injury suddenly becomes a sprain, and a fracture becomes no big deal and you can go back to work in a day when it may take two months for a fracture to heal.

On the extreme end of the spectrum, sometimes employers will pressure you to use your own health insurance or possibly have you tell a healthcare provider that you were not hurt and the accident happened somewhere else. It's against the law to stop anyone from filing a workers' compensation claim, and it is considered fraud if you assist or help anyone in fabricating facts that do not exist. In the long run, you need to stand up to the employers who try to intimidate you regarding the severity of an accident or whether an accident has occurred. Schwartz Law Firm has seen this time and time again because employers want to keep safety records to keep their jobs at plants and refineries, and sometimes they don't want to file claims because the profit sharing margins of the manager will be affected and that will be taken out of his quarterly bonus or end-of-the-year bonus. Schwartz Law Firm has the tools to handle these situations and can provide you assistance in those matters. Please call us today if you have any question.

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