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You Deserve Full And Fair Compensation For Injuries In A Construction Accident

New Orleans, Metairie and Baton Rouge have a great number of construction projects at any time. New construction means heavy equipment, power tools, ladder falls and other potential safety hazards.

If you have been injured on a construction site, your employer may pressure you not to file a workers' compensation claim or not to bring a lawsuit for your damages and losses. They may suggest that the bad publicity would cause the company to lose the contract. They may offer you cash or make other commitments if you promise not to sue.

You could be harming your own secure interests by accepting a payment or agreeing not to report your construction accident. Talk to a lawyer first!

The Schwartz Law Firm LLC has experience with construction-related injuries in southern Louisiana. We can represent you in the workers' comp claim and any third-party lawsuits for additional compensation.

Construction Worker Injuries — Finding The Responsible Party — Maximizing Your Compensation

Negligence and safety hazards on construction sites can lead to serious injury or death:

  • Improper placement or securing of ladders
  • Defective or poorly constructed scaffolding
  • Inadequate safety equipment (harnesses, hard hats, eye protection)
  • Unsafe operation of cranes, forklifts and loaders
  • Heavy equipment tipping over or backing up
  • Trench collapse from improper depth or shoring
  • Failure to shut off exposed wiring or overhead power lines
  • Tools or debris falling from above
  • Other workplace safety violations

It can be hard to identify who the negligent party was. Subcontractors have their own safety equipment, and contractors and subcontractors have different obligations, depending on their contracts. Therefore, you need a skilled lawyer to look at the contracts and the circumstances of the accident to determine who is potentially accountable for your losses and damages.

We have sued subcontractors, property owners, utilities and other parties. As a construction worker injured on the job, you are covered by workers' compensation even if no one was at fault. You are entitled to workers' compensation benefits, including lifetime coverage for medical care for permanent injury.

We have experience with head injuries, amputations, lacerations, crush injuries, broken bones, electric shock, burns, and other severe construction-related injuries, as well as back injuries and injuries to joints resulting in disability leave from work.

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A construction injury, even if apparently minor, can seriously alter your life and should be reported. To maximize your chances of filing a successful claim, make sure that your attorney is personally dedicated to securing your secure possible recovery.

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