Jefferson Parish residents & workers comp cases

Residents of Gretna, Westwego, and Avondale, Louisiana have many questions regarding their Workers' Compensation cases when they are released back to work. Many times the doctors who treat injured workers in these cities, and in Jefferson Parish, have residual pain and the doctor says they can go back to work. When someone has residual pain, that can be very restrictive in their abilities to return to work. It may cause them to have increased need for medication and missed time from work, which will inevitably result in termination. Many times the doctors do not understand how debilitating these pains can be, and the medicines can cause drowsiness and addiction disorders. When this occurs, injured workers feel like they're being trapped and have nowhere to go other than to try to go back to work.

What Schwartz Law Firm recommends is that you keep a diary, keep accurate information on the pain and the side effects of the pain on your job, and what the side effects result with the medication. If you cannot maintain the employment, you need to contact the nurse or doctor immediately and make an appointment, and notify your supervisor. If the employer cannot accommodate your restrictions due to pain, they will have to reinstate Workers' Compensation. However, you only have a limited amount of time to do this because the statute of limitations will run out on you. Specifically, you need to keep a diary and witnesses notes regarding the effects of the pain. If the doctor does not believe your pain, you may have to get a second opinion from a pain management specialist.

Schwartz Law Firm realizes that many clients and injured workers have residual pain that can go on very extensively. I would recommend that you first work with your healthcare providers and have them refer you to a pain specialist if need be. If you have any questions about these matters that occur at Jefferson Parish and all the cities including Harahan, Kenner, and Metairie, please call the law offices today for a consultation. We can help you navigate the system and get a resolution to the matter and give you legal advice!

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