Orleans Parish Driving Hazards

Orleans Parish residents who drive on I-10, Causeway Boulevard, Carrollton Avenue, Earhart Expressway, and other major intersections, including the High rise in New Orleans East, know the hazards of the road. Many times when people drive on these roads, they see cars parked on the side of the road when they should not be parked there. They see people driving recklessly and they see accidents all the time. They also know that police can take hours and hours to make a visit to an accident scene after 911 has been called.

One of the most important things you have to do when involved in an accident is never leave the scene of the accident, even though the police may take hours and hours and hours. You should take pictures of your cars, the two cars, or multiple cars involved in the car accident. You must also use your video camera on your cell phone to take any verbal statements that may be given. If you leave the scene of the accident, the police will never get the accurate information on what exactly happened, and they will probably never issue a ticket. Getting a police report is very, very important when you're involved in an accident.

At the Schwartz Law Firm, we see clients and potential clients come in all the time who don't have a police report who say something happened, and it gets to be very difficult to prove. If a commercial vehicle hits you, you definitely should never leave the scene of an accident. If you were in a ride-share vehicle such as an Uber, you should never leave the scene of the accident. These are important things when driving on the Highrise in New Orleans East, uptown, mid-city, and the French Quarter.

When the police do come to the accident, we all know we must have proof of insurance, registration, and a valid ID. If you don't have those things, they will run a check on you and see if there are any outstanding tickets. If there are outstanding tickets and you are afraid of the police coming to see you and possibly arresting you on an unpaid ticket, I would still advise that you wait for the police to get these accidents documented. Most likely, if you leave the scene and just exchange information, your chances of making a recovery on a car accident are substantially diminished.

The Schwartz Law Firm has seen these sorts of cases for years and years and years and knows what to expect. Body camera footage is something also that they are required to use in Orleans Parish, and that is very, very helpful to see who had the right of way and who was at fault. If you have any questions about accidents in any city or parish, but today I'm talking about New Orleans especially, please call the Schwartz Law Firm today.

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