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If you live in Livingston Parish or in any other parishes, you must know the brutal truth, that insurance companies put profits over people. When you're involved in a workers' compensation case, or any other case with an insurance company, there is a power dynamic that is occurring that you may not be aware of. Workers' comp insurers and adjusters control the authorization of your medical treatment, and the payment of your checks, and can decide at any time whether or not they want to pay you. There is no judge that makes them pay for any benefits until they actually stop paying something. You cannot make a judge force them to pay something, unless you go through months of litigation and they actually have denied something.

The court system only punishes people, it does not make them do the right thing. You need to fight for your rights and take back control of the situation. The best way to take control is to find qualified doctors who will report accurate information on your work status and your medical treatment. The Schwartz Law Firm can help with finding the correct doctors who know how to file the correct paperwork, and timely present the right sort of documents that an insurance company will see and will automatically process. Finding support and legal help can be challenging in a worker's compensation case, because many lawyers do not know the ins and outs of the medical filing requirements and the exact time and penalties that an insurance company can be made to pay if they don't pay benefits.

You need to empower yourself to face the control of an insurance company by gathering your witnesses, possibly taking statements, taking photographs, and making sure that you report all information to your employer and insurance company. You may even be required to take a drug test, because the employer has the right to check if you are intoxicated, only if they have a written stated drug policy. If you have any questions about how to take control of the situation, call the Schwartz Law Firm today in Louisiana, New Orleans, Metairie, Livingston Parish, and Baton Rouge. We have years of experience in helping a client seek fair treatment, and support them through the legal process to ultimately getting them the most from a settlement.

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