Orleans Parish Workers Compensation

When it comes to handling a workers' compensation case, the people of New Orleans need to know that there are many workers' compensation forms that the employer and insurer will require for you to file worker's compensation claim. First off, you have to sign off on a form that stipulates you are aware of all the fraud provisions of the worker's compensation statutes, and that if you commit fraud, you will be subject to civil and criminal penalties, which may include paying back amounts that were paid to your own doctor. Also, the people of New Orleans need to know that if you do not send in forms timely, your benefits can be terminated. You have to sign a choice of physician form and the employer has within five days to approve it. The people of New Orleans need to know this because if they don't pick their own doctor, you may not get any benefits, and you will be subject to the company doctor, which will most likely be more favorable to your employer.

New Orleans residents need to be concerned about the fact that the workers' compensation system is not controlled by them. The workers' compensation system is administered by the state. However, premiums are paid to an insurance company by your employer, which will make them have to pay you. If they don't pay you, they will use many, many defenses at their disposal. New Orleans residents have to be aware of all these defenses and have a plan of attack for handling those insurance company small technicalities that will be used against them.

New Orleans and Orleans Parish residents should most likely have many questions about this because they've never experienced a worker's compensation accident before. They should contact Christopher Schwartz for a free consultation. We are close to the city of New Orleans and we'll be happy to meet you online or in person. The Schwartz Law Firm has had 25 years of experience and we are aware of the insurance company games and tricks and all their defenses that they have at their disposal to not pay your case. New Orleans people should contact us today at 504- 837-2263.

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