Orleans Parish Auto Accidents

Residents of New Orleans need to know how an insurance company will pay their property damage claim. Many times, residents of New Orleans are in traffic accidents, and they receive a low amount from an insurance company when they evaluate the property damage. Usually, insurance companies like State Farm and All State will use their own employees as adjusters who will evaluate property damage on a car. They usually do not believe that the people will get the car repaired and will not pay the full value of what the property damage is. That's why a good, aggressive lawyer can help you because we have access to independent adjusters who properly assess the fair market value of a car's value, which will include any improvements that car may have had that may make it more valuable.

When you go to an auto body shop, you must tell them that an insurance company is involved in the case. Normally, now, auto body shops will only see a car by an appointment only basis. The reason is they have low staff, and they don't have parts that can be gotten quickly. So, they are controlling their labor cost and don't want to take cars in because the parts will take months to come in. Normally, they have to order parts and have to wait for a long period of time. That is why appointments are necessary when going to a body shop.

At Schwartz Law Firm, we are aware of all the tricks that insurance companies will do to not pay on property damage claims if you are in a car accident in the city of New Orleans. The city of New Orleans and its residents need to know what the new procedures are after COVID regarding body shops and how they do business. Also, the body shop will require a claim number from the insurance company, which will have them automatically email them the estimate to get the approvals. However, because of part shortage and because of logistic slow ups, your car may take months to be repaired. However, Schwartz Law Firm, with over 25 years of personal injury experience, will be happy to help you in handling your property damage claim and getting you the most that you can get. Thank you.

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