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The Trusted Attorney in Metairie LA

At Schwartz Law Firm, we're dedicated to helping residents of Metairie receive more than the financial remuneration and settlements they deserve. We provide unparalleled legal experience, bringing our years of compassionate representation and deep legal knowledge to your personal injury case.

We Know Your Workers' Comp Case Is Worth Something

Oftentimes, our clients will walk into our Metairie offices unsure if their personal injury case is even worth anything. They've been convinced that their case is not built for court or they should expect the worst outcome. Questi sono gli esercizi che fa Ariadne Artiles per avere il culo migliore magnum tren e 200 trenbolone enantato esercizi per eliminare le cosce cadenti con soli 15 minuti al giorno. The truth is that the verdict of your workers' compensation case or personal injury matter can be better than you think. There's no doubt that you may have to fight – but we're here to fight alongside you for the maximum compensation and benefits you deserve.

File Your Claim with Confidence

If you miss important filing deadlines or claims requirements, you'll likely continue to experience delays in your compensation or outright denial.

Don't let the bills or your paperwork pile up. Leave the heavy lifting to our team at Schwartz Law Firm. We'll manage the details of your workers' compensation claim in Metairie to ensure that you receive a favorable verdict.

Helping You Get What You Need To Heal

It takes time, space, and a steady income to truly heal from a personal injury completely. You're often doubly responsible for the financials: First, because your personal injury may force you to take time off from work. Second, because there's an increase in expenses for medical treatments.

When you work with our legal team at Schwartz Law Firm, we work with you and help you receive the financial compensation and benefits you deserve, so you can address both your physical healing and your piling bills in time.

Consistent Settlements for Car Accident Victims in Louisiana

When you're dealing with the fallout from a car accident in Metairie, there's much to consider. The overwhelming claims paperwork, requests from your insurance agency, queries from the second party involved, medical records, and so much more.

Take advantage of our pre-existing relationships with claims' processors and insurance providers and reclaim your sanity through the settlement process.

Maritime Injuries Can Affect Anyone

The good news is that federal law protects the rights of workers and employees who work on the water. The less-than-good news is that you're going to have to fight to ensure that you receive your full and fair compensation from insurance companies.

If you're a recreational water user and you've been injured on the water, your case becomes even more complicated. Contact Schwartz Law Firm right away to learn about your rights.

Call For Your Free No-Obligation Consultation Today!

When you work with Schwartz Law Firm's legal team, you can expect clarity over confusion and sound and compassionate legal guidance every step of the way. We specialize in personal injury and workers' compensation but it's our focus on transparent communication with you that makes us the trusted legal choice for over 25 years.

Schedule an eye-opening and informative consultation with our team of attorneys in Metairie today.

Metairie Lawyers & Attorneys at Schwartz Law Firm

Schwartz Law Firm has served the Metairie area's injured workers and accident victims. With over 25 years of experience, Schwartz Lawyers have handled thousands of workers' compensation cases since the firm was founded in 1997.

If you're looking for an attorney who cares about your case, and about you as an individual, call now.

Schwartz Law Firm

Schwartz Law Firm LLC attorneys bring over 25 years of combined experience securing personal injury recoveries and workers’ compensation successes in New Orleans and southeast Louisiana.