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Located in the northern section of Louisiana, Monroe sits in the middle of the Monroe Metropolitan Area which is an expansive region home to around 200,000 people. But, as a bustling center for towns and other cities in the area, it's unfortunately all too common for auto accidents and other injuries to occur. Whether it's an accident at work, on public property, a car accident, or something else entirely, finding yourself in a personal injury lawsuit is scary and confusing. So if you have been injured in Monroe, Louisiana, then you need a passionate team that will go to the ends to fight for you—no matter how big or small your case is. Learn more about Schwartz Law, one of the area's leading Monroe personal injury lawyers, and how our expert legal team can help you get the monetary compensation you deserve.  

The Personal Injury Attorneys You Can Trust in Monroe, LA

No matter the type of injury, you deserve a law team that truly understands how important your case is. Although you can't go back in time and undo the incident, you can receive compensation that will help alleviate otherwise stressful factors in the aftermath, like medical bills or lost wages, and reduce your pain and suffering. Schwartz Law is a firm you can trust: With 25 years of combined experience in all aspects of personal injury and workers' compensation, we consistently recover an average of $1 million yearly in client damages. Thanks to our personalized and dedicated service, we've also been named in the Top 10 Best Workers' Compensation Attorneys and Top 20 Best Car Accident Attorneys. Learn more about how Schwartz Law can help you today.  

Personal Injury

Personal injury is an umbrella term covering almost every incident wherein a person becomes injured due to another person's negligence. It's important to know that Louisiana has a statute of limitations of one year for personal injury lawsuits. So, whether it's an injury at work, a car accident, maritime incidents, or wrongful death, it's time to contact Schwartz Law's lawyers in Monroe to fight for the justice you deserve.  

Workers' Compensation

It can be challenging to navigate a workers' compensation case and lawsuit. These types of injuries typically occur on the grounds of a job site and are accrued due to negligence by the employer. Although it seems black-and-white, these cases are messy because you're also dealing with the opposing insurance company.  

Auto Accidents

Whether it's car-on-pedestrian, car-on-biker, or car-on-car, auto accidents happen all the time. In fact, there are around 160,000 motor vehicle accidents every year in Louisiana. But despite their frequency, these injury cases are not easy to deal with: It's important to remember that the insurers are against you and that the state has a “ No Pay, No Play” law that makes it compulsory to have insurance that prevents uninsured motorists from collecting compensation for damages.  

Maritime Worker Injuries

Louisiana is famous for its location along the Gulf Coast, so maritime jobs are the backbone of the state's economy. So when people experience maritime worker injuries, whether as a sailor, longshoreman, harbor worker, or offshore worker, they deserve the best and fairest compensation to get back on their feet. Maritime worker injury claims have a similar process to workers' compensation claims. However, they're a bit more specific and challenging to get through -- and insurance companies often take them less seriously.  

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death lawsuits are among the most emotionally challenging cases to navigate through. That's because you are filing a claim for wrongful action against a loved one who has died due to negligence which means that not only are you grieving, but you are working to right the situation as much as you can. Although money can never replace the loss of a loved one, you can recover the compensation for medical costs incurred before the death, so that going on is just a little bit easier.  

The Critical Elements of a Personal Injury Case

For a case to be considered a personal injury case, four critical elements must be present and proven in a court of law.  

Element #1: Duty of Care

The duty of care says that the person responsible for the injury should have prevented this accident through proper prevention such as maintenance, training, and etcetera. An example is a workers' compensation case where an employee falls down a flight of stairs due to poor lighting. In this situation, it's the employer's or property owner's duty of care to ensure that their employees are safe by providing that all areas are well-lit at all times during work hours.  

Element #2: Failure to Exercise Reasonable Care

If a person fails to exercise the proven duty of care, they are responsible for the injuries that occur because of that negligence. For example, in the workers' compensation case where an employee fell downstairs due to poor lighting, the employer or property owner did not exercise reasonable care by ensuring the area was well-lit during work hours.  

Element #3: Causation

The causation element says that the negligent action caused the injury. So, because of the dim lighting in the workplace, the employee could not see where they were going and tripped, thus causing their damage.  

Element #4: Presence of Damages

The presence of damages element says that the personal injury resulted in compensatory damages. Common evidence needed to prove this may be:

  • Photos
  • Witness statements
  • Police accident reports
  • Medical bills
  • Doctors' notes

Your Monroe Personal Injury Lawyer Will Establish Your Losses and Value of Your Personal Injury Claim

Establishing and proving the losses and value of your personal injury lawsuit is one of the most challenging parts of moving forward with these types of complex cases. Not only do you need to prove that there were, in fact, four elements of negligence, but you also need to establish the actual value of your damages. You can recover many of your financial losses in a personal injury lawsuit, such as:

  • Hospital bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Punitive damages

  You can establish your value based on these factors since they may change how you operate your daily life. For instance, you may not be able to work anymore due to the serious injury, or you may have experienced an extended loss of income or future loss of income because of your potentially catastrophic injuries. There are also plenty of medical bills that will pile on, such as the initial visit, checkups, and possibly even physical therapy, medications, and operations. The Monroe personal injury attorneys at Schwartz Law have nearly three decades of experience specializing in personal injury. Our team is there to work with and for you no matter how big or small your case may be because we know how life-changing the compensation after an event like this can be. To ensure that we accurately establish your case value to receive the best outcome and most compensation possible, our legal team will walk you through all paths and options open to you.  

Your Next Steps Are Crucial, and Schwartz Law Can Help

Looking for legal counsel may be one of the last things on your mind after serious injuries because you're busy worrying about bills, pain, and work. But that's precisely why you should work with a personal injury attorney in Monroe like the team at Schwartz Law. Obtaining legal representation and engaging in an attorney-client relationship will only benefit you in the long run, as your attorney will help guide you by:

  • Providing legal advice and counsel
  • Examining your case
  • Negotiating on your behalf with opposing parties like the defense and insurance companies

  Plus, without a personal injury lawyer to guide you, you might accidentally make mistakes that can hurt your chances of receiving any compensation at all, such as:

  • Not seeking medical attention
  • Not following your doctor's advice
  • Discussing your case with anyone but your personal injury attorney
  • Posting details about your case on social media
  • Making inconsistent statements
  • Accepting a low settlement offer

  Under Louisiana's statute of limitations, you have one year to report your personal injury claim. This means you should contact an attorney immediately following the incident so you can get started on the legal process. Even if you don't think you're injured, seek medical attention first, and call our personal injury attorneys at Schwartz Law next. During your initial consultation with your personal injury lawyer Schwartz Law, it's essential that you provide all relevant records, such as contact information, insurance information, any photos, police reports, work accident reports, and medical bills or doctors' notes. Our expert team will then begin a claim for your serious injury and prepare for settlement with the opposing party.  

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A personal injury case is an expansive type of lawsuit that puts your injuries at the fault and negligence of another person. Auto accidents, workers' compensation accidents, and wrongful death lawsuits are among the most common types of personal injury cases. While personal injury cases are widespread in Monroe and Louisiana, they're still a challenge to navigate. Therefore, it's essential to work with an expert law team who will prioritize you and ensure you get the financial compensation you deserve to help ease your pain. With nearly three decades of combined experience, Schwartz Law is one of the area's leading personal injury attorneys in Monroe. The best part? You pay nothing unless we win. However, losing a case is unlikely when you're working with attorneys that specialize in all-things personal injury. You deserve freedom after injury. Call the only Monroe personal injury attorneys you'll need at Schwartz Law today, and get started by setting up your free consultation online or calling us at 504-837-2263.

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