Ascension Parish Auto Accidents

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This is Ascension Parish auto cases. Ascension Parish residence, and all residents of Louisiana need to know what information to give an insurance adjuster after an accident when they call. Normally, if you've been in an accident, the adjuster will generate a letter to you requesting background information on you that is confidential, such as your social security number, your date of birth, and blank medical authorization forms.

You should never sign blank forms to any medical providers unless they are completed with the names of the doctors. If you do not, they can fill in the blanks and send these out to anybody they want to, which may be an invasion of your privacy. Your privacy matters in medical cases because you don't want to disclose information that is unrelated to your auto case. If the insurance company obtains information and is unrelated to the case, they may use it to attack your credibility or to try to embarrass you to take a settlement. You should always just complete the forms and name the doctors or hospitals, or you can obtain the medical records yourself.

Additionally, insurance companies want your social security number to do a claims index bureau on you along with your date of birth. For confidentiality reasons, I would not suggest that you give your social security number because of identity theft and they also may request your date of birth. These things should never be disclosed and should be only submitted when a settlement demand is made. If you give this information, you risk the social security number being obtained in the wrong hands, and it could be a violation of your privacy and identity theft could occur.

You should contact a lawyer if you have any questions about signing blank forms and giving information out to an insurance company. Their objective is to see if you've had prior claims, prior accidents, and to see your background before they offer you a settlement. However, if you contact a lawyer, they can guide you in the most reasonable way to provide them some information, but not a blank check so they can attack your credibility and things like that. They have your driver's license from the accident report or the police report so they have enough information that they could do their own independent investigation based on your driver's license number. Please call the Schwartz Law Firm today if you have any questions about this.

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