The Importance of Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet

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There's nothing like riding a motorcycle. The experience of driving your bike at high speeds in an open road brings a combination of thrill, fear and pleasure. Despite the adrenaline rush, however, being on a motorcycle exposes the rider to accidents and injury that even the World Health Organization now advocates for wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Whether you're a rider or passenger, you should never disregard wearing a helmet if you're getting on a bike. No matter if you're riding a short or long distance, you have to wear a helmet each and every single time you get on your motorcycle. In most states, helmets are mandatory. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Lowered Risks of Death

One of the most pressing reasons to wear a helmet on a motorcycle is to protect yourself from an accidental death. A study published in Injury Epidemiology showed that with helmet use, riders significantly lessen their risks for death to 3 percent. Estimates from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the U.S. also indicated that motorcycle helmets saved 1,630 lives from death in reported motorcycle crashes in 2013.

Lowered Risks for Head Injuries

The helmet protects the rider from incurring a fatal head injury. The impact of a fall or crash can be critical, as the head can easily bear the brunt of the trauma. Without a helmet to protect your head from an injury, you could end up in a vegetative state following an accident.

It's easy for a rider to recover from scratches and wounds on the arms and knees than to recover from head trauma. Whether major or minor, a head bump can become complicated due to a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or concussion. This condition can lead to a permanent disability, as well as emotional and psychological trauma.

Protection for the Face

Helmets can protect the rider's face, eyes, and teeth from debris that may fly off the road. Because a rider is open to objects like rocks, dirt, gravel or tree branches, he or she needs a helmet's solid, protective cover in case of contact.

Helps With Vision and Hearing

When riding at a top speed, a rider might have a harder time focusing on the road without a helmet. The glare of the sun could diminish one's vision while the wind might distract from proper hearing. A helmet will help filter the noise from the traffic. On the other hand, the shield will protect one's eyes from the sun or rain, aside from the debris on the road.

Louisiana Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

It's also important to get the right helmet that meets safety standards. You must not simply pick the first helmet you see due to an aesthetic design. The headgear should fit you snugly and comfortably, as well as come with the right features. These include padding, plates, chinstraps, vents and a breath deflector.

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