What to Do if You Get Injured On Someone’s Property

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In most states, it is the job of a property owner to keep their property maintained and safe for other people. This is especially true in the state of Louisiana. Property owners who are aware of potential risks and dangerous conditions on their property are responsible to let others know about them.  If you have been injured on someone's property due to his or her negligence in keeping it safe, then you could potentially file a premises liability claim in order to receive compensation for any injuries you sustained. Keep reading to learn what a premise liability is and what to do if you get injured on someone's property.

What is a Premises Liability?

Premises liabilities are a certain type of personal injury case that includes any injuries you may experience on someone else's unsafe or dangerous property. Any injuries or accidents that you suffer from a dangerous condition or hazard on someone else's property may leave you able to receive compensation. The different kinds of premises liabilities include, but are not limited to slip-and-falls, insufficient lighting, dog bites, falling debris and unsafe flooring.

In Louisiana, if you are injured on someone's property, you must prove that the property owner committed the following acts of negligence in order for you to be successful in proving a property owner's liability:

  • The property owner was directly responsible for the dangerous condition/hazard at the time of the accident which consequently led to your injuries
  • The property owner must have been aware and cognizant that the dangerous condition or hazard existed
  • Despite his or her knowledge of the dangerous condition/hazard on their property, they did not bother to either replace it or remove it entirely

If You are Injured on Someone's Property

Get medical help

The first thing you should do if you are injured is to seek proper medical attention. Your health conditions and any injuries you suffered/any that may arise are incredibly important. Make sure to describe the incident that happened to your doctor in full.

Document evidence and collect information

Gather all of the names and contact information of people witnessed your accident, or who can affirm the fact that the area you were injured was in a dangerous condition. This includes someone who could describe the conditions of the flooring, security, lighting and anything else that could have led to your accident.

Save all medical records and expenses

You may be eligible to be reimbursed for any medical bills, expenses, damages and/or lost that came about from your injury – but if you prove your damages. You can do so by keeping medical records from any doctors you visit, any treatments or procedures performed, and receipts of anything paid out-of-pocket, such as prescriptions.

Seeking a Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney

When you get injured on someone's property – whether it was from a slip and fall or a dog bite – you deserve to receive the full compensation you deserve. A dedicated and experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney can help guide you through this time. The Schwartz Law Firm's Louisiana workers' compensation attorneys have extensive experience in handling the complicated issues that can arise in a premises liability case.

No case is too stressful or complex for Schwartz Law. We have two locations in Louisiana for your convenience, one in Metairie and another in Baton Rouge. Feel free to call us today at 504-837-2263 for your free initial consultation.

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