Rabies and Animal Bites: What You Need to Know

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Americans love their pets. When deciding which pet to bring home, the choices can vary from fish in a bowl to more popular choices like dogs and cats. For many people, a dog is the pet of choice. While viewed by many as the most loving and loyal choice, their usually protective nature also makes dogs the most likely to bite someone. Beyond the pain of being bitten, an animal bite brings with it the added risk of catching rabies, a potentially deadly disease if not treated quickly. Today, let's review the area of dog bite liability and answer the frequently asked question of “I was bitten by a dog what should I do?”

Animal Bite Lawsuits

As with most other areas of liability, dog bite liability laws vary from state to state. As in most states, Louisiana law requires property owners to take reasonable care to make their property safe. For dog owners, this would require that the animal be properly restrained to prevent it from attacking a passerby. The general rule in Louisiana makes the dog owner liable for damages and injuries caused by the dog. Unless the victim of the dog bite did something to provoke the animal, the law would usually support an animal bite lawsuit.

What To Do if Bitten by a Dog

So, what to do if bitten by a dog? The first thing to do is to seek proper medical treatment. Animal bites of all sorts present a high risk of infection. Beyond wound care, antibiotics, either by mouth or intravenously, may be needed. In addition, suffering a dog bite presents the risk of contracting rabies. Rabies is a virus that will be deadly to the victim if not treated promptly.

I Was Bitten by a Dog What Should I Do?

As noted above, the health risks presented by a dog bite means you should first seek medical attention to take care of the injury. That being said, you should find out and document as much information as you can about the attack as soon as possible. Writing down as much information as you can initially let you avoid trying to recall the details weeks or months later. Information regarding where the attack occurred, names of the owner or any witnesses, description of the dog and anything else surrounding the occurrence can be relevant and important to your case. Taking a picture of the injured area is also a great idea. You should also report the attack to the local animal control authorities.

I Was Bitten by a Dog – What Now?

The above presents some of the steps to take if you were bitten by a dog. In addition, you speak to the dog owner regarding insurance information. Property insurance comes with liability insurance to cover injuries suffered by others while on the property. And, as with any injury incurred on another person's property, this sort of injury is subject to premise liability.

Dog Bite Liability

If you have been bitten by a dog or other animal and need assistance in figuring out the complex area of dog bite liability, now is the time to act. Consult the animal bite lawsuit experts at the Schwartz Law Firm. Our attorneys can assist you through the whole process, start to finish, so you can properly document your injuries and get you full compensation for your medical bills, any lost wages due to the injury, and proper compensation for the pain and suffering you sustained due to the attack. At the Schwartz Law Firm, we fight for your rights and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Call today for a free consultation. In New Orleans call 504-837-2263. In Baton Rouge, call 225-766-6775.

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