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Does Your Work Injury Case Involve An Underlying Personal Injury Claim?

When someone other than your employer or a co-worker is responsible for your workplace injury, it may be appropriate for you to pursue a personal injury claim in addition to or instead of a workers' compensation claim.

Third-party claims for work injuries should be pursued only with an experienced workers' compensation or personal injury lawyer. At Schwartz Law Firm LLC, you get both. With offices in Metairie and Baton Rouge, we offer you a combined 25 years of trial experience and a proven track record of fighting for workers throughout southeast Louisiana.

You might have a third-party lawsuit AND workers' comp benefits. We pursue all your claims to maximize your work injury case.

What Is Third-Party Liability?

Workers' compensation is an “exclusive remedy.” In exchange for medical and wage benefits, you are not allowed to sue your co-workers or the company. However, there is no rule against suing individuals or entities who are not in your chain of employment.

Examples of cases in which you may have a third-party liability claim:

  • The manufacturer of workplace equipment or machinery that was defective
  • An on-the-job car or truck accident in which another motorist was at fault
  • A subcontractor, supplier or utility company who causes a construction site injury.
  • A fire or toxic exposure caused by dangerous chemicals

A third-party personal injury claim enables you to recover damages not available under workers' comp, such as compensation for pain and suffering. You can pursue both workers' comp and personal injury claims.

Why Do You Need A Lawyer?

You can be certain that your third-party claim will be opposed by a strong insurance defense team that will work day and night to minimize the value of your claim. You need a fighting trial lawyer on your side who will stop at nothing to maximize the value of your claim and zealously protect your rights throughout the legal process.

We will independently investigate your case, help you find top-quality medical care of your choosing and handle all upfront legal costs. While your personal injury case is pending, we will ensure that your workers' compensation benefits continue.

Not all workers' compensation claims involve underlying personal injuries. We will help you determine if your case does and if such a claim is worth pursuing beyond the workers' compensation benefits you are entitled to receive for your injury.

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