Workers’ Compensation for Plant and Refinery Workers

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Some lines of work carry more hazards compared to others. An oil refinery or plant is one such example. Workers and employers try to prevent these hazards from turning into accidents as much as possible for the safety of everyone involved. Sometimes, however, there are unforeseen incidents that could occur. These industrial accidents, depending on how severe, can range from mildly annoying to life-threatening.

Four Things That Workers' Compensation Covers in Louisiana

Many plant and refinery accidents are life-altering. There were many incidents in the past that have led to severe personal injuries. There is a range of things that workers' compensation can cover in Louisiana. If you work in an oil plant or refinery, these are things you should know.

Medical expenses as a result of accidents

If you had a refinery accident and it results in personal injury, then your medical expenses should not be a problem for you. Insurance should cover all expenses directly caused by that injury, as well as any related injuries.

Some of the mandated medical benefits beneficial to your line of work include access to ambulatory care, emergency room benefits, and rehabilitative occupational and rehabilitative physical therapy. You will also be partially compensated should you miss any workday from being on leave because of the incident, with a maximum of $650 per week depending on your salary.

Vocational rehabilitation, if needed

If the injury is severe enough, the insurance should cover the expenses of vocational rehabilitation. Vocational rehabilitation, also known as VR, will help you acquire job training or counseling if returning to your old job proves to be impossible or not beneficial for your well-being.

The type of job training can help you acquire new skills that will be necessary for any new job you will be handling. VR is definitely useful for people who cannot perform their old jobs anymore.

Disability benefits, if necessary

Some injuries can lead to permanent disabilities. If this is the case, then additional payment on top of the medical benefits can be acquired from your workers' comp benefit. These can come in the form of one-time payments, or as an installment paid over time.

Death and funeral benefits, to be acquired by the family

Sometimes, death cannot be avoided in the workplace. If this happens, then payment will be given to the family. This includes surviving parents or spouse, children, plus any and all dependents of the deceased employee. A coverage for funeral expenses will also be given to ease the financial burden on the family of the deceased.

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You work in a hazardous workplace, and you have rights that protect you in case of injury. If you are facing a situation that requires assistance from legal experts, or if you need help with receiving your workers' comp benefit, then you should consult with us immediately. Call the Schwartz Law Firms Louisiana workers' compensation attorneys at 504-837-2263 for a free initial consultation.

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