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The residents of St. James Parish need to know about functional capacity evaluations when they're involved in a workers' compensation accident. If you are involved in a serious worker's compensation accident that will result in permanent restrictions, a functional capacities evaluation will normally be ordered by your orthopedist for a spinal injury.

One of the things that a functional capacity test evaluates is whether or not you are being truthful in the extent of your injuries and are putting forth a maximal effort when you do the test. Normally, the test will have you hooked into a heart monitor to test your heart beat to ensure you are giving a maximal effort in your test. They will also look for inconsistencies like have you lift 20 pounds one way and then crosscheck your lifting abilities, another way to show that you are given a maximal effort.

The heart beat monitor is a crucial part of this test because it shows exertion. Your muscle fibers must be flared up when you lift heavy objects, and that will elevate your heartbeat. Also, the tests will determine the maximum that you can lift with pain. These tests can be tricky sometimes because you may be able to lift 50 pounds one time, but maybe not on a consistent basis.

Therefore, the functional capacity tests needs to test what you are able to sustain in lifting through a 40-hour work week. Normally, your treating orthopedist will agree with the findings of the SCE. If you have any questions about a functional capacity test and how it affects how the insurance company views you, we need to call Schwartz Law Firm to discuss this. We know how these functional capacities tests will evaluate your case and why they are crucial in a workers' compensation case. We've had much experience with this and have had many successful outcomes when the functional capacity test is done correctly by our clients.

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