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In Louisiana, Employers Can Be Sued For Safety Violations

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Were You Injured Because Of Unsafe Working Conditions?

Unique in the United States, Louisiana is a “codified” state. That means that its laws are contained in statutory codes, rather than being forged in part by court precedent or other case results.

For example, federal Occupational Safety And Health Act (OSHA) and state of Louisiana codes set forth the rules governing workplace safety. When an injury occurs as a result of violation of these codes, penalties can be imposed and the injured person may have grounds for recovery.

Our law firm has recovered damages against oil refineries, construction companies and a range of businesses for safety violations resulting in injury to workers.

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In Louisiana, if a worker has been injured due to a violation of state or federal safety regulations, the employer can be liable for damages. This is an exception to the general rule that employees cannot sue their employers for work injury.

It is essential to identify the precise regulations that the defendant failed to follow and that led to injury. At Schwartz Law Firm LLC, attorneys Christopher Schwartz and Jacob Goehring are practiced at identifying the rules specific to your unique claim and capitalizing to the advantage of your case.

We collaborate with workplace safety experts to establish the full extent of safety violations and the serious dangers imposed. Filing your workers’ compensation claim will help to protect other workers at your job and elsewhere throughout the state where similar work site safety violations may be taking place.

Once the relevant regulations have been identified, we will bring a negligence claim on your behalf. Here, our 25-plus years of combined trial experience with workers’ compensation, longshore and personal injury cases comes to the fore. We are able to explain to the jury exactly how the defendant is on the hook and what could have been done to avoid your serious work injury.

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Federal and state codes exist to protect you from workplace injuries. When you are injured at work, we can help you get full compensation for medical expenses and lost wages or pursue a personal injury claim if third-party liability may be involved.

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