How Safety Programs Can Decrease Workplace Accidents

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No safety, know pain.

In 2016, over 5,100 workers from across the nation were killed on the job, and over 2.9 million workers endured non-fatal injuries. In Louisiana alone, there were 95 fatalities and 35,000 non-fatal injuries. The state has the sixth highest rate of work-related injuries in the country.

By implementing and properly executing safety programs in the workplace, safety violations and accidents could become much less common. Here are three ways you can increase the safety of your workplace.

Accident Prevention

The leading cause of workplace injuries and fatalities in Louisiana are falls and transportation and material moving. Prevention is the main goal for any safety program, as it both minimizes the cost of workers' compensation, as well as effectively lowers work-related injuries.

While it's obvious that not every accident can be prevented, taking necessary precautions when working with heavy machinery and in unsafe conditions can be the difference between life and death. In fact, OSHA requires any employer with 15 or more employees (full or part-time) that is covered under the Louisiana Workers' Compensation Act is required to have a safety plan.

Ship owners, harbor operators and shipping companies are obligated to maintain the safety of their workers day in and day out. As an employee, you can take the extra step in preventing an injury by notifying management of any potential threats (like faulty ladders or an unstable forklift) to safety.

Properly Use and Maintain Equipment

While falls are among the most common cause of workplace injuries, misused and faulty equipment is a close second. Millions of construction workers like yourself are working on scaffolding for months at a time. When that scaffolding is not erected or used properly, it can result in a serious personal injury. Cranes, forklifts and other large machinery should also be maintained and operated responsibly, as the misuse of them can be costly and deadly.

In addition, make sure that your personal equipment is up to code as well. Gloves should fit properly, hard hats need to be worn and routinely inspected, etc.

Understand Hazards

There are various hazardous chemicals involved in construction and in ports. Understanding both the purpose and the harm of those chemicals is key to decreasing workplace accidents. In order to reduce work-related injuries caused by hazardous materials, there should be a readily-available list of hazardous materials. Each product should also clearly communicate a comprehensive description of health hazards.

Apart from chemicals, there are other hazards like electrical equipment that need to be inspected properly. Exposed circuits and chords need to be marked accurately to avoid any electrical injuries.

Safety is of the utmost importance for any job, especially when your job requires you to work in labor-intensive conditions. If you've been injured on the job, then you need a team of experienced personal injury lawyers on your side. The Schwartz Law Firm will take care of everything for you, from the first phone call until your case is over. We have two locations in Louisiana, one in Metairie and another in Baton Rouge. Feel free to call us at 504-837-2263 for your free initial consultation today.

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